Primary Care Coalition Jeff Goldman as Vice President Population Health and Executive Director for Nexus Montgomery

Silver Spring, MD – The Primary Care Coalition (PCC) President and CEO, Leslie Graham, announced today that a seasoned executive will join the organization’s leadership team… Jeff Goldman will become the PCC’s first Vice President for Population Health and Director of the Nexus Montgomery Regional Partnership. He will be responsible for shaping the vision and leading the implementation effort for Nexus Montgomery—a new collaborative effort among the six hospitals operating in Montgomery County, PCC and other community partners.

Montgomery County Hospitals Announce Funding of Nexus Montgomery Regional Partnership. State Awards $7.6 Million To Implement Population Health Measures

Silver Spring, MD – The Maryland Health Services Cost Review Commission (HSCRC) has awarded $7.6 Million to the Nexus Montgomery Regional Partnership—a collaborative effort among the six hospitals operating in Montgomery County and a network of community based organizations—to implement or expand initiatives that will improve the health status of those most at risk of avoidable hospital use. The target population includes Medicare seniors, the medically frail, those with severe behavioral health conditions and those without eligibility for health insurance.

Maryland hospitals will get $2.5M to work together on public health

Baltimore Business Journal

Maryland is giving out $2.5 million to hospitals that have committed to working together to improve quality and lower costs. The money is intended to encourage hospitals to establish regional partnerships through which they will collaborate on programs to address widespread health problems. Awards ranging from $200,000 to $400,000 per partnership will be paid out to each partnership’s lead hospital through their rates.